Christmas Chaplin – Charged with being Drunk at the Queens Head

A report of the local petty sessions in the Norfolk News dated December 11th, 1875 referred to the case of Christmas Chaplin, a Labourer, of Great Ellingham.

Christmas Chaplin was charged with being drunk on 5 November on “the licensed premises of Theodosia Morley at Attleborough”.

Theodosia Morley was the licensee of the Queens Head public house in Great Ellingham from 1865 until her death in 1876. Accordingly I believe reference to Attleborough as the place in which the offence allegedly took place is erroneous.  I think it was in the Queens Head at Great Ellingham.

The case against Christmas Chaplin was proved and he was fined 5s and costs.

Christmas Chaplin was a local man. Baptised in the Church of St James Great Ellingham on July 6th, 1816, his parents were Robert and Sophia Chaplin.  His birth was registered in the December Quarter of 1815. Given that he was named Christmas, it is probable that he was born at or around Christmas.   

Christmas Chaplin was aged 59 when he appeared before the local magistrates.

Christmas married Elizabeth Lincoln in the parish church of Great Ellingham on 17th October 1857. Christmas was a 41 year old labourer and a bachelor. 39 year old Elizabeth was also single and described as a servant. Both had been living in Great Ellingham at the time of their marriage. 

The couple lived in Great Ellingham all their lives and are buried in the churchyard. Christmas died aged 86 in 1902. He outlived Elizabeth by 9 years.

When initally writing the blog, I had not found any evidence that Christmas and Elizabeth had any children. However, I now believe the couple had a son, Alfred Lincoln, born in 1845 before his parents married. 

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